What? The natural beef we sell to go is the best deal in town

So you might have heard that we sell our natural beef at the Galaxy, right from our own Circle L Farm about 20 miles down the road. But have you compared the pricing to what you see at your local grocery store? We sell our burgers and ground beef for $4.99/lb. When you consider that our beef is leaner and better than Certified Angus product, it's the best deal around. If you don't believe that it's better than other ground beef, go ahead and give it a try. Cook a pound of ours and a pound of most anything else and you will see the amount of grease coming off of the "other stuff" and very minimal grease from our ground beef. And the taste is better. Trust me, once you cook with this product you will be hooked. So the question, why are we selling it for $4.99/lb, cheaper than most? The answer is simple. You get many times more ground beef than steaks when sending beef to market. The more ground beef we sell, the more steaks we can offer in the restaurant. We're on a mission to offer more Circle L Steaks because our customers are asking for them. Plus, you're buying direct from the farm so there's no middleman. So, it's really that simple, more ground beef, more steaks, healthy choice. Everyone wins.


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