Contest information for our customers in Wadsworth, Medina, Akron, Canton, Wooster

Setting Internet Explorer 6 Cookies
Microsoft made the new IE 6 default settings to block all cookies, and your settings must be set to accept cookies in order to proceed with our online contest.
To change the cookies settings:
  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. A new screen will appear. Click the Privacy tab. You should either see a slider, or the word custom
    (if you see the word custom, follow the instructions for advanced users instead)

    This should be set to medium, if it is all the way at the top, move it down until the word medium is displayed, as this is the highest level which will allow you to proceed.
Instructions for advanced Users:
  1. If you have not followed steps 1-2 above, do so now. Click the Advanced... button
  2. Check Override automatic cookie handling and select Accept under both "First party Cookies" and "Third party Cookies."
    Also, Check "Always allow session cookies"
  3. Click OK out of internet options - close all your open IE6 windows, and restart IE
If this does not solve you problem, please click here to contact us. Include your Operating system and Browser and version.
For more help and information on cookies and/or privacy settings, please consult your browser's help searching the help index for "cookies, changing settings".